Straightening your teeth

We offer orthodontic services in the clinic including invisible braces (Truline) or fixed braces.

The classical approach to orthodontics is to use braces. This involves placement of small brackets on the teeth, into which a series of wires is inserted to align the teeth. Through use of elastics and other devices, teeth are progressively moved into an improved position over a period of 12-24 months. Following removal of the braces, the teeth are kept straight using devices called retainers.

The other system of removable clear, plastic aligners which are used instead of braces to move your teeth is called Invisalign or Truline. The main advantage is that from a distance of a couple of metres away, the average person will not notice another person wearing an Invisalign/Truline aligner. That’s why they are also known as invisible braces. It is important to note that this system is not for everyone as it has its limitation and not everyone can benefit from invisible braces.